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Search Criteria

You can search for programs of interest using one of the following options: 

  • Search by Specialty. 
  • Note When searching by specialty, you can narrow search results by selecting a state and/or specific program. 
  • Search by Accreditation ID (ACGME ID). 

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Search Results

By default, only 10 search results will display at time. The display can be changed by selecting the “Displaying” down arrow and selecting “10,” “20,” “25,” “50,” or “All.” 

  • Pagination is available at the bottom of the page when “All” is not selected. 
  • Based on the search criteria, the associated specialty will display at the top of the search results list, along with the application cycle. 
  • For each program in the search results, the following information will be displayed: 
    • Program Name.  
    • City.  
    • State.  
    • Signaling Status (program signal participating status). 
    • Status (ERAS participation status).  
    • Accreditation ID. 
    • Training type(s) offered by program.  
  • You can follow the “Program Name” link to view the contact details and additional information specific to that program, as well as manage training selections. 
  • If a program has additional information they would like to share with you, an icon (i) will display to the right of the program name. Follow the “Program Name” link to view the additional information. Programs are not required to share additional information in the MyERAS portal. 

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Filtering Search Results

You can filter your search results with the following options: 

  • You can enter keywords that are in the Program Name, City, State, or Track Name to filter down to select programs within the search results. 
  • Selecting the Accepting Applications checkbox will display only programs that are participating and actively accepting applications through the ERAS program. This checkbox is selected by default every time a new search is performed. You can unmark this checkbox to view all programs regardless of status. 
    • Note: If you are interested in programs that have a status other than “participating,” you will have to contact those programs directly to find out how they would like to receive applications. 
  • The ACGME grants Osteopathic Recognition to programs that provide training in Osteopathic Principles and Practices. Filter for such programs by using the checkbox to show only programs with Osteopathic Recognition. 
  • The Filter by Training Type drop-down list will display all training types that are available within the current search results. By default, View All is selected; however, you can select any of the available training types if you are only interested in a specific training type. You can use these filtering options one at a time or in any combination. 

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Adding Programs to Saved Programs List

You must select at least one training type for each program you would like to add to your Saved Programs list. 

  • As you make training selections from the search results, the Programs Selected count at the top of the results pane will keep track of how many programs have been selected. The Programs Selected count follows you as you scroll through the search results. 
  • Once you have made your training selections and are ready to save them, you must select “Save Programs” (which includes the count of selected programs). 
  • You will then be presented with a list of your selections, which you must confirm to add to your Saved Programs list. If you are not satisfied with the list, you can select “Cancel” to return to your search results and modify your selections. 
    • Note: Confirming programs of interest to your Saved Programs list does not mean that you have applied to those programs. 

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