Assignments Checklist

Provides a report listing the number of programs with or without documents assigned (including the COMLEX-USA transcript (DO applicants only), American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination (ABSITE) (DO applicants only), ECFMG Status Report (IMG applicants only), MSPE, MS transcript, personal statement, photo, USMLE transcript, and LoRs).  

  • The LoR assignments are separated by programs with the maximum four LoRs assigned and programs with fewer than four LoRs assigned. 

  • Please check the requirements of the programs you wish to apply to. Many programs require four LoRs to be assigned while some programs allow only two or three LoRs to be assigned. Use this report to ensure that all documents are properly assigned to programs and avoid missing documents. Some documents are automatically assigned to all applied programs and do not require any action to assign these documents. You may select the highlighted number icons to display the programs with or without the respective document assigned. You may bulk assign documents from the Documents tab.