This area contains the form used to complete the MyERAS® application. You do not have to complete the entire application at one time. 

In This Section:

Application Sections


  • You have only one standardized MyERAS application that will be sent to all programs applied to in the MyERAS portal. The application field options are predetermined and are optimized for program review. 

  • You may assign specific ERAS documents, such as Personal Statements and LoRs, for individual programs or groups of programs in the same specialties. 

  • You may change information in your MyERAS application at any time before certifying and submitting it. 

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MyERAS Worksheet 

  • The MyERAS Worksheet contains every field in the online MyERAS application and provides an opportunity to prepare for filling out the actual MyERAS application. 

  • You will still need to complete your MyERAS application online. 

  • You may access a link to a page containing this blank worksheet from the Dashboard tab in the MyERAS portal under Resources or from the Tools for Residency Applicants page on the ERAS website. 

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Support and Guidance While Completing Your Application 

  • The AAMC Support Center (ASC) is available to assist all applicants with technical inquiries and issues related to the MyERAS web application. 

  • Residency applicants seeking nontechnical guidance in completing the content of the MyERAS application or relevant documents are advised to use their best judgment and reach out to their Designated Dean’s Office for further advice. 

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Keeping Personal Information Up to Date 

  • Complete as much of your personal information as soon as possible. 
  • Personal information is very important to programs that applicants have applied to; therefore, it is essential that this information is kept up to date throughout the application season. 
  • Updates made after programs have been applied to will be available to programs after you select “Save Personal Information.” 

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