Import Application Data

Applicants who register a token for the current application season have the option to import their application data from the most recent previous season into their active application. After being prompted to import, 

  • Select the residency or fellowship application you would like to import your application information from and select “Continue.” 

  • You can choose to import later from the History tab. 

  • Verify that the selected options are correct, and select “Confirm Import.” 

Once the import is complete, each application section (Personal Information, Biographic Information, Education, Licensure, Publications) will be transferred to the current application. The application information can be revised after importing. Each application section must be reviewed and saved before you can certify and submit your application. Once an application is certified and submitted, it will be irrevocably locked, and no changes will be permitted (with the exception of the Personal Information section). 

  • Note: The experience section and hometown section will not be importable for the 2024 ERAS  application season given the new content field updates and limited number of experiences. 

  • Note: The application, once certified and submitted, is provided to all programs to which you apply to during this ERAS season. Please take the additional time to proofread the application for any errors or omissions.