Programs Withdrawn From

Search — You can enter keywords or numbers that are in the Program Name, Specialty, City, State, and Accreditation ID to search for programs in your Programs Withdrawn From list. 

Programs Withdrawn From List

For each program in the Program Withdrawn From list, the following information will be displayed: 

  • Program Name.  
  • Specialty.  
  • City.  
  • State.  
  • Signaled? (Residency applicants only). 
  • Accreditation ID. 
  • Training Type Selections. 

You can follow the “Program Name” link to view the contact details and additional information specific to that program, as well as to view training selections that were made when you applied to the program. 

You will not be able to manage or make any changes to your training type selections or document assignments for a program you have withdrawn from. 

Reinstating an Application

If you inadvertently withdraw or later change your decision to withdraw, you can reinstate your application on the Programs Withdrawn From page. 

  • To reinstate an application, you must mark the checkbox for each program with which you would like to reinstate your application and choose “Reinstate.” Then review the programs selected and confirm by selecting “Reinstate.”  
  • You should also contact the program directly to make them aware of your decision.