Interview Resources for Residency Applicants

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An Introduction to Residency Interviews

Learn more about the residency interview process and prep for success.

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Interviews are a crucial part of the residency application process, as they give applicants and programs an opportunity to learn more about each other. The interview process can be complicated and stressful, but with some preparation, you can ensure that you get the most of your residency interviews. Use these resources to find out what you can expect throughout the interview process, including tips for preparing for interviews, a guide to virtual interviews, and advice from current residents.

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Virtual Interviews: Applicant Preparation Guide

Find tips for participating in virtual interviews for residency positions, including preparing for the interview, setting up, and conducting the interview.

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Questions Frequently Asked of Applicants During Interviews

Practice your interview skills with these common questions that are asked during residency interviews.

Insight From Residents on What to Ask During Residency Interviews

A list of questions created by residents and students from various backgrounds as a guide to assist you in identifying and assessing your fit with a program.

Video: Prep for Success in your Virtual Interview

Watch a webinar that offers an overview of virtual interviews and tips for how you can prepare, including choosing the right environment and technology and types of questions you might encounter.

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The Cost of Interviewing for Residency

Use this information to develop a strategy for managing the costs associated with interviewing for a residency position.

Video: Unexpected Costs After Medical School Relocation, Board Exams & Interviews

Learn more about the costs you might not anticipate as you transition from medical school to residency in this webinar from the AAMC's Financial Information, Resources, Services, and Tools (FIRST) program.

Careers in Medicine® (CiM®)

CiM helps you confidently navigate residency interview season, put your best foot forward, and process what you learn to identify the programs that best fit.

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