Programs Applied To

Search — You can enter keywords or numbers that are in the Program Name, Specialty, City, State, and Accreditation ID to search for programs within your Programs Applied To list. 

In This Section:

Programs Applied To List 

For each program in the Programs Applied To list, the following information will be displayed: 

  • Program Name.  
  • Specialty.  
  • City.  
  • State.  
  • Signaled? (shows whether a Program was Signaled and what type of signal).  
  • Accreditation ID. 
  • Applied Dates.  
  • Training Type Selections.  

You can follow the “Program Name” link to view the contact details and additional information specific to that program, as well as to manage training selections. 

Note: You can select additional training types at any time. However, training selections cannot be removed once you have applied to a program. You must contact the programs directly if you no longer wish to be considered for a training type you previously selected. 

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Track Assigned Documents

Expanding Track Assigned Documents for any program allows you to track the status of the application and all documents assigned to that specific program. 

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Assigning Documents

You must designate the assignment of documents to each program. It is important that you know the program requirements so you can keep them in mind while making you assignments. 

  • Documents can be assigned to any program applied to by selecting “Assign Documents” under the Actions column of the intended program. 

  • After applying to programs, document assignments are locked. Except for the personal statement, which can be changed at any time throughout the season. However, keep in mind that it is not guaranteed that programs will view newly assigned personal statements. 

Note: You cannot assign documents to programs that are closed. 

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Withdrawing From Programs

You should withdraw from programs you are no longer interested in. Informing the program you no longer wish to be considered for a position, especially if you have been granted an interview, allows the program to invite another candidate to interview. 

  • To withdraw from programs, you must mark the checkbox for each program from which you would like to withdraw and choose “Withdraw.” Then review the programs selected and withdrawal information and confirm by selecting “Withdraw.” 
  • When you withdraw from programs in the MyERAS portal, the programs will still display in your Programs Applied To list but will be labeled “You have withdrawn from this program.” 
  • Withdrawing from a program in the MyERAS portal does not remove your application from the program’s PDWS system view. It will just mark your application as Withdrawn by Applicant. Keep in mind that this will apply to all training types selected. In addition to withdrawing in the MyERAS portal, you should contact the program directly and make them aware of your decision, in the event that they overlook the Withdrawn by Applicant indicator in the PDWS system. 
  • If you inadvertently withdraw or later change your decision to withdraw, you can reinstate your application for any program on the Programs Withdrawn From page. You should also contact the program directly and make them aware of your decision. 

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