Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE or “Dean’s Letter”)

Uploading the MSPE

Residency applicants’ Designated Dean’s Office is responsible for uploading the MSPE into the ERAS system. 

Assigning the MSPE

  • Residency applicants do not assign the MSPE; it is automatically sent to all the programs to which an applicant applies. Applicants will see “No Available Action” in the Additional Documents section. 
  • Fellowship applicants must make assignments of the MSPE to the programs they designate: 
    • The MSPE can be assigned at any time, including before it is uploaded. 
    • The MSPE can be assigned to any saved or applied to programs from the Additional Documents page by selecting “Assign” under the Actions column. 
    • Programs listed with a disabled checkbox already have the MSPE assigned and have been applied to. 
    • The MSPE can be assigned by program using the Assign option under the Actions column for any program on both the Saved Programs and Programs Applied To pages. 
    • Once the MSPE is assigned to a program that has been applied to, it cannot be unassigned. 
    • The MSPE cannot be assigned to programs that are closed.