The Programs section is where you will primarily search, save, and apply to programs, as well as assign documents, manage training selections, and track the status of documents assigned to programs.

What Applicants Should Know Before Applying to Programs 

  • On rare occasions, a program will sign up to participate in the ERAS program and later withdraw their participation. Sometimes, the program does not communicate the withdrawal to ERAS staff; therefore, it is imperative that you contact ALL programs to ensure they are participating in the ERAS program before submitting your application materials. 

  • You should be sure to contact each program before applying to make sure you understand and meet all program eligibility requirements and deadlines, including work authorization requirements. 

  • Programs can update their participation status in the ERAS program to inform you when they are no longer accepting new applications. This status will be reflected in the MyERAS portal, and you will not be able to select or apply to these programs. If you have applied to a program before the program changed your status to “No longer accepting applications,” you will still be able to make document assignment changes. 

  • The ERAS program is not an authority on accreditation and is not responsible for any changes to residency program status. You should be sure to research and contact residency programs for information on your accreditation status, requirements, and deadlines. 

Note: The ERAS program does not give refunds for any reason. You are advised to research and contact programs before applying to minimize the risk of applying to a program that is no longer accepting applications or not participating in the ERAS program.

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