About the AAMC PREview® Exam

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The AAMC PREview® professional readiness exam is designed to look beyond academic metrics to assess and evaluate professional competencies such as resilience and adaptability, service orientation, ethical responsibility to self and others, empathy and compassion, cultural awareness, cultural humility, and teamwork and collaboration, among others.

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When combined with other elements of the admissions process, the PREview exam provides a more complete picture of applicants and helps schools identify applicants who demonstrate these premed competencies.   

The AAMC collaborated with subject matter experts to develop the exam, including a diverse group of admissions officers, faculty, student affairs representatives, and others who work closely with medical students and understand the expectations and responsibilities of future physicians. 

What is the PREview exam?

The PREview exam is designed to assess examinees’ understanding of effective professional behavior most relevant for entering medical students. It is a standardized exam that presents a series of hypothetical scenarios and asks examinees to evaluate the effectiveness of a series of behavioral responses to each scenario.  

What is measured on the PREview exam?

Examinees’ responses provide insight into their knowledge of effective and ineffective behaviors across 9 professional competencies for entering medical students

AAMC Professional Comptencies Wheel
  • Interpersonal Skills. 

  • Cultural Awareness. 

  • Cultural Humility. 

  • Empathy and Compassion. 

  • Teamwork and Collaboration. 

  • Ethical Responsibility to Self and Others. 

  • Resilience and Adaptability. 

  • Reliability and Dependability. 

  • Commitment to Learning and Growth.

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2024 AAMC PREview Essentials

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AAMC PREview® Accommodations

The AAMC is committed to providing all individuals with an opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency on the AAMC PREview® exam. This includes ensuring access to persons with disabilities in accordance with relevant law.

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