Import Letters of Recommendation

Applicants who have at least one LoR from a previous application season also have the option to import their LoRs from the most recent certified and submitted residency and fellowship applications into their active application. After selecting “Import Letters of Recommendation,”  

  • Mark the checkbox for the LoRs that you would like to import and select “Continue.” You can choose to import later from the History tab. 
  • Verify that the selected options are correct, and select “Confirm Import.” 

Imported LoRs can be found in the Letters of Recommendation section of the Documents tab. Once the LoRs’ status is “imported,” you can assign them to specific programs. These letters count toward the total of four LoRs that can be assigned to designated programs. Changes cannot be made to the LoR information. The LoR Author maintains the right to upload a new version of the LoR. LoRs can be imported at any time during the season regardless of whether the MyERAS application has been certified and submitted. 

Note: Applications from previous seasons must have been certified and submitted to be eligible for import. 

Note: When importing application information from the previous season, only the application data will be re-uploaded to the MyERAS application. The LoRs will need to be imported. Documents such as the photo, personal statements, medical transcript, and MSPE will not be imported from the previous season and will need to be re-uploaded to be assigned to programs.