Guide to Money Management and Student Loans

There are many important concepts to know about money management and borrowing student loans. The information found in this guide will help you establish a strong financial foundation as well as help you navigate the borrowing process at specific points in your medical education.

The Entering Medical School chapter contains information about:

  • Applying for financial aid.
  • Understanding your aid offer.
  • Managing undergraduate loans.
  • Understanding cost of attendance.
  • Borrowing and budgeting wisely.

The Continuing Your Medical Education chapter includes the following topics:

  • Budgeting based on your school’s cost of attendance.
  • Understanding borrowing options and loans.
  • Managing money.

The Graduating Medical School chapter provides information about:

  • Financially preparing for residency. 
  • Loan repayment options. 
  • Loan forgiveness and loan repayment assistance programs.
  • Steps to take after graduation.

We encourage you to review the guide in conjunction with: