The MedLoans™ Organizer and Calculator (MLOC)

Two people working on finances on a computer

A Tool for You

The AAMC created the MedLoans Organizer and Calculator (MLOC) specifically for medical students and residents to help organize and save loan portfolio information and calculate repayment options. The MLOC tool can help borrowers understand the total estimated borrowing cost, review estimated costs for different repayment strategies and examine total interest costs. Watch the MLOC tool demo for a better understanding of how the MLOC tool can help you throughout medical school.

Below is a sample repayment scenario for a 2024 graduate who borrowed $200,000 in federal Direct Unsubsidized and federal Direct PLUS Loans. This borrower is single, plans to enter a 3-year family medicine residency program, earn a stipend of $64,300 as 1st year resident, and plans to earn a salary of $185,000 post-residency. 

Based on the parameters above, the borrower can see various repayment plans, repayment lengths, payment amounts during residency and post-residency, total repayment cost, possible loan forgiveness amounts through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program and/or the Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) plans

A screenshot of the MedLoans Organizer and Calculator loan repayment summary page.