Additional Steps to Take

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Beginning Residency, Annually and if You Change Employers

If you are interested in Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), complete the borrower section of the PSLF form, have your employer complete their sections and then submit the form to MOHELA for processing.

Before the End of your 6-Month Grace/Post Enrollment Deferment Period

If you want to make payments during residency: about 60 days before the end of your grace period, apply for your repayment plan. Apply for an income-driven repayment plan on the Federal Student Aid (FSA) website or by contacting your loan servicer(s). If you submit your application too early, it can be denied, and you may have to re-apply.


If you are enrolled in an income-driven repayment (IDR) plan, submit your income and household size information to your servicer by the servicer’s recertification due date. Check with your loan servicer for the re-certification date and mark this on your calendar.

If you are enrolled in a mandatory residency forbearance and want to continue the forbearance throughout residency, be sure to submit the forbearance request form annually before the original request expires.

Final Thoughts

Residency will be a challenging but extremely rewarding time in your career. You will have many responsibilities that you’re asked to focus on, and finances will be one of them. Hopefully, using this guide will give you the necessary knowledge to apply all you know and learned to create and reach your financial goals.