The MedLoans™ Organizer and Calculator (MLOC) at Graduation

Postcard about the Medloans Organizer and Calculator

MLOC: A Repayment Tool for Medical Graduates

If you’ve been using the MedLoans Organizer and Calculator (MLOC) throughout medical school, you probably have a good idea of what’s in your loan portfolio, a realistic estimate of your total borrowing costs, and an understanding of what postponing repayment or making payments during residency may look like. If you have not used the MLOC tool yet, it is not too late. You can enter your federal student loan information into the MLOC tool and review your repayment scenarios now.

The MLOC tool was created specifically for medical students and residents and uses the information you enter (or upload from your Federal Student Aid account) to show what repayment will look like for you. There are other repayment calculators available; however, the other calculators don’t account for the increase in salary that you will experience post-residency, and how that will affect your total repayment costs and length of repayment as physician.