Taking a Leave of Absence (LOA)

Changes in Enrollment Status 

If you take a leave of absence (LOA), withdraw from your program, or if your enrollment status drops below half-time, then your federal loans will enter their grace period. This is a 6-month period when a borrower is not required to make payments on their student loans (though unsubsidized loans will continue to accrue interest).

If you return to full-time status after six months or more, the federal loans disbursed prior to the LOA will not be eligible for an additional grace period (e.g., upon graduation from medical school).

If you decide to change your enrollment status, you need to contact the financial aid staff immediately. They will:

  1. Notify you of any student aid that must be returned due to your change in enrollment.
  2. Guide you through the required exit counseling requirements for your loans.
  3. Help you understand which loans will require immediate action and which will have a grace period.

If you experienced a status change while you were enrolled but aren’t sure if this resulted in using your grace period, contact the financial aid staff at your school or reach out to your loan servicer(s) to see if your existing loans have a grace period and when repayment will be required.