Academic Change Requests

The AMCAS program requires you to review verified coursework and GPA information. If you find discrepancies or disagree with changes made during the verification process, you may submit an Academic Change Request for review by the program. After the review, the request is either granted or denied. The Academic Change Request option is available in the Quick Links tile of the Main Menu. When submitting an Academic Change Request, you must select one of the following reasons:

  • Recompute the following GPA/hours.
  • Reverify the following courses.
  • Add the following courses.
  • Delete the following courses (only if the course has been added to your application by AMCAS staff).
  • Update the following school information.

In the AMCAS application, you will need to enter details about your request into the text box and explain why you are requesting this change to your application. You may enter more than one request into the text box.

The AMCAS program will evaluate ONLY the following items in an Academic Change Request:
  • Academic status.
  • Academic term.
  • Academic year.
  • AMCAS grade.
  • Course classification: Copy and paste into the text box either the course description directly from your school’s website or a link where the description can be found so that AMCAS staff can verify the primary content of the course.
  • Course type.
  • Credit hours attempted.
  • Degree date and/or degree type.
  • Grade update if the school made an error when reporting a grade: You must have the school submit an updated official transcript reflecting the changed grade and a letter from the registrar’s office explaining the reason for the change. If the letter is not included with the updated transcript, the Academic Change Request will be denied.
  • Incorrect school name.
  • Lab or lecture course.
  • Degrees, majors, and minors: If you request a change to your major or minor course of study and it is approved, the AMCAS program changes the name to the most appropriate core subject name. The program can’t change the subject name to the specific title of your degree, major, or minor. For example, a request to add “marine biology” as a minor will be input as “biology.”
  • Official transcript grade.
  • Omitted coursework (does not include current or future coursework).
  • Semester or supplemental hours.
  • School: Add a school and the associated coursework if you failed to report the school on the AMCAS application at the time of submission. The AMCAS program must receive the official transcript before you submit the Academic Change Request. If the AMCAS program does not receive the transcript before you submit the Academic Change Request, the request will be denied. This does not include a school(s) you are currently attending or planning to attend.
The AMCAS program will not change, correct, or add:
  • Course names, titles, or numbers.
  • Grades and hours for certain types of courses that were left off the application and did not appear on any official transcript at the time of processing, including:
    • Current/Future (CC) coursework.
    • Deferred Grade (DG).
    • Honors (H) designation (the AMCAS program does not add the Honors type if omitted by
      the applicant).
    • Incomplete (I).
  • Any other sections or items in your application (e.g., essays, biographical and employment information, activities, school designations, test scores and dates).
  • A discrepancy in GPA calculation from a previous application cycle.
  • Current or future schools or institutions.

You must (1) select the Resubmit Application button and (2) recertify your application each time you make an allowable change after your initial submission. If you skip these steps, your changes will not be saved. Updating your application does not affect its processing and will not result in delays.