AAMC PREview® Professional Readiness Exam FAQ

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Get answers to your questions about scheduling, taking the exam, and sending your score.

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Request accommodations

Previous accommodations approval for the MCAT exam may help to expedite your PREview application, however it does not exempt you from completing an application for PREview accommodationsPlease review the timelines and steps to apply for PREview accommodations and submit a completed application and any necessary documentation to the PREview program.

Most initial applications for accommodations will be reviewed within 60 days of submission of a complete application. If you already have an approval for MCAT accommodations and are requesting the same accommodations for which you were approved, the review will be completed within 30 days. Reconsiderations, Appeals, and Extensions will generally be reviewed within 30 days of submission of a complete application. We recommend you apply as soon as possible after the application opens to ensure you will receive a determination prior to your desired test date. 

Please note that for most accommodations you must receive your determination for any approved accommodations no later than two weeks prior to your testing window to allow time to prepare and implement any approved accommodations.  If you need a paper exam, a human reader, or a scribe, you must receive your determination letter no later than one month prior to your testing window. It is our recommendation that you keep these timeframes in mind when submitting your application for accommodations and scheduling your exam.

Please email previewaccommodations@aamc.org for questions about requesting accommodations, or if you have an inquiry regarding an application currently under review. 

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