Program Signaling for the 2025 MyERAS® Application Season

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For the 2025 ERAS® recruitment season residency applicants and December cycle fellowship applicants who are applying to participating programs can use program signals to show their interest.

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New ERAS Research Findings for the 2024 ERAS Application Season (Webinar Recording)

Residency Specialties in Program Signaling for the 2025 ERAS Application Season

With the support of their specialty leadership organizations, residency programs from the following specialties may participate in program signaling for the 2025 ERAS application recruitment season. 

The AAMC provided all participating specialties with guidance about home and away rotations. The AAMC suggests that applicants signal their most interested programs regardless of whether they are home or away rotations. This is the most fair and equitable process for all applicant types (MD, DO, and IMGs) and provides all programs that participate in receiving signals with the same information about interest level.  

Residency Specialty Number of Program Signals
Anesthesiology  5 (gold), 10 (silver)
Child Neurology & Neurodevelopmental Disabilities  3
Dermatology  3 (gold), 25 (silver)
Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Radiology  6 (gold), 6 (silver)
Emergency Medicine  5*
Family Medicine  5
General Surgery  15
Internal Medicine  3 (gold), 12 (silver)
Internal Medicine & Psychiatry  2
Neurological Surgery  25
Neurology  8
Orthopedic Surgery  30
Otolaryngology  25
Pathology  5
Pediatrics  5
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 8
Public Health and General Preventive Medicine  3
Psychiatry  10
Radiation Oncology  4
Thoracic Surgery  3
Transitional Year 12

*Specialty guidance is to NOT signal home and away rotations. 

Residency Programs Participating in Program Signaling for the 2025 ERAS Application Season

Residency programs in specialties that are participating in signaling for the 2025 ERAS season have until June 30, 2024, to opt in. We will provide the complete list of participating programs after that date.

Fellowship Specialties Participating in Program Signals 

  • December cycle specialty societies and programs can indicate their intent to use program signals for the 2024-2025 application season later this year. Fellowship specialty societies will complete the participation agreement and provide the number of signals in August 2024. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.  

  • July cycle fellowship societies and programs will be able to use program signals beginning in July 2025 with the launch of the 2025-2026 application season. Stay tuned for more updates on this innovative enhancement.  

AAMC Program Signaling Requirements for Residency Programs

Due to the complexity of program signaling and in the interest of protecting applicants, the AAMC requires each interested specialty and individual programs from participating specialties to explicitly agree to participate in program signaling. 

The AAMC seeks to ensure that specialties that choose to participate in program signaling for the 2025 ERAS application season:

  • Are properly trained and equipped to use program signals as a part of a holistic review of applicants when deciding who to invite to an interview. 
  • Understand and have reviewed the research outcomes to date. 
  • Can make an informed decision about the number of signals available to applicants for their individual specialty together with AAMC assessment experts. 
  • Have ample time for early communication to applicants and advisors regarding specialty participation. 

Learn more about Program Signaling for the 2025 ERAS Residency Season.

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