AAMC PREview® Professional Readiness Exam FAQ

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Get answers to your questions about scheduling, taking the exam, and sending your score.

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Prepare for the AAMC PREview Exam

We recommend you read the AAMC PREview Essentials and the AAMC PREview Examinee Preparation Guide. Then become familiar with the test content and question format by downloading the practice exams. To prepare for the testing environment, we recommend you watch the The PREview Test Day Experience Video.

The PREview exam is a 75-minute test with just one section. The total time, including the check-in and check-out procedures, is approximately 90 minutes. The exam is conveniently delivered online using your own computer equipment in a location of your choice, as long as your equipment and workspace meet our technical and security requirements. Your access to any internet browsers, applications and software, and files on your computer will be disabled while you are taking the PREview exam, so that the exam can be delivered with a high level of security. For more information, please read the AAMC PREview Essentials

A tutorial is available within Meazure, which is also where you will schedule your exam appointment and start your exam session. You will use your AAMC username and password to log in to the system. There you will have unlimited opportunities to view the tutorial to familiarize yourself with the functionality and features of the platform before your exam appointment.

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