Pre-Health Advisors

As a pre-health advisor, you have a critical role in guiding your students on their individual paths to medical school. The AAMC provides accurate, reliable resources and tools on medical school admission requirements, financial aid, the application process, and more, to support you in providing the best guidance to your students. 

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How to Get the Most of the Advisor Information System (AIS)

Use AIS to track the performance of your program and run reports on your students’ MCAT scores and applicant data.

AMCAS® Choose Your Medical School Tool

The Ad Hoc Working Group in partnership with the AAMC American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS®) created this tool to help applicants communicate their decisions about which schools they...

Guidelines for Writing a Letter of Evaluation for a Medical School Applicant

The guidelines are intended to enhance the letter-writing process by providing a general framework of best practices and relevant content for letter writers. These guidelines are optional and can be...

Preparing Aspiring Physicians for Medical School

Learn what it takes to prepare for and apply to medical school so you can best advise your students.

Medical School Programs and Requirements

Access admissions contact information, medical school data reports, and MSAR demos to better assist you in providing guidance to applicants.

The MCAT Exam: Resources to Prepare Examinees

The following resources will help you understand the new MCAT exam and help you advise your students as they prepare to take the exam.

Resources for You and Your Advisees Applying to Medical School

These tools will help you advise your students on how to successfully apply to medical school using the American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS®) application.

Understanding Medical Education Financing with FIRST’s Resources

The FIRST (Financial Information, Resources, Services, and Tools) program offers materials to help your advisees understand financial aid, financial literacy, and student loan debt management.

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Pre-Med Event Request Form

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Medical Schools by School Code

The regular M.D. programs at AMCAS participating medical schools listed by code.

Pre-health Advisor Support

The AAMC’s pre-health advisor support team offers assistance for the Advisor Information System, AMCAS, MCAT, Medical School Admission Requirements, the Fee Assistance Program, Aspiring Docs, and FIRST.

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