AAMC PREview® Program for Prehealth Advisors

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Learn more about the AAMC PREview® professional readiness exam and how you can support your advisees.

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Advancing Holistic Review with the Core Competencies 

Aspiring physicians communicate their readiness for medical school by demonstrating their proficiency in the 15 core competencies medical schools look for when evaluating applications. The AAMC and its member medical schools created these competencies. They include not only science as well as thinking and reasoning skills, but also professionalism and interpersonal skills, to recognize in which areas today’s medical students must be ready to receive advanced instruction.  

Applicants demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and experience with the 15 core competencies through the various components of their medical school application: 

  • Their coursework and grades provide insight into their academic achievements. 
  • Their Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT®) exam scores provide a standardized evaluation of their basic knowledge of the natural, behavioral, and social sciences. 
  • Other components of their application, including the AAMC PREview professional readiness exam, provide medical schools with insight into their readiness to develop their professional skills. 

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About the PREview Exam 

The PREview exam is an opportunity for applicants to showcase their knowledge of competencies that go beyond academic readiness. The PREview exam is a reliable source for evaluating a student’s understanding of personal and professional competencies such as service orientation, cultural competence, teamwork, and resilience, among others.  

This knowledge serves as a foundation for further learning and development in these competency areas during medical school and is a necessary precursor to engaging in effective professional behavior as a physician. When combined with other parts of the medical school application process, PREview scores provide admissions officers with a more complete view of applicants and offer schools the opportunity to broaden the diversity of the applicant pool invited to interviews. 

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2023 Program Enhancements 

Expanded Testing Calendar 

New this year: The AAMC has expanded the testing calendar so students can take the PREview exam earlier. The testing calendar was expanded to deliver the exam in March and May so that scores can be shared with medical schools when the AMCAS® program opens and schools begin evaluating applications for the 2024 application year. 

Advisor Information System 

Originally scheduled for 2024, PREview scores are now released to the Advisor Information System (AIS). Examinees may consent to release their scores to the AIS prior to the start of their exam sessions. 

Open to All AMCAS® Schools 

All AMCAS schools are welcome to use PREview scores in their admissions process. The AAMC is no longer limiting the number of AMCAS schools that can participate in the PREview exam. Students will be able to identify participating schools in one of three ways. However, we recommend examinees consult directly with the schools to confirm their participation and to determine when and how in the application review process they will evaluate PREview scores. 

  1. Referring to the PREview website
  2. Consulting the AAMC Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR®) online database – school participation can be found in the Situational Judgment Test section (formerly labeled Additional Tests Required). 
  3. Selecting medical schools within the AMCAS application. New for 2023, participating schools will display one of the following notation: 
    1. PREview exam required — You must submit a PREview score for your application to be considered complete. 
    2. PREview exam recommended — You may apply with or without a PREview score.
    3. PREview exam fulfills situational judgment test requirement — You must submit a SJT score for your application to be considered complete. This designation is for schools that will accept the PREview exam or another situational judgment test to fulfill its requirement. 
    4. PREview exam for research only — You may apply with or without a PREview score. Schools using the PREview exam for research only will not use the scores until after the admissions cycle is complete. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Looking for answers to your students' questions about the PREview exam? Find information about registering, preparing, taking the exam, and sending scores on the PREview FAQ webpage

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PREview Data 

Percentile Ranking Table 

The Percentile Ranking Table (updated each May) is based on an examinees’ performance on the PREview exam during a two-year time frame. View a sample score report.

Using PREview Data in 2023 Medical Student Selection 

The AAMC PREview team created this guide to support medical schools in incorporating PREview scores into their holistic review during the admissions process. The guide includes information about the design, interpretation, research evidence, and use of the PREview exam. 

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PREview Recorded and Upcoming Presentations 

Recorded Presentations 

The PREview team delivers webinars and presents at professional meetings to keep the advisor and medical school communities up to date on the administration and ongoing research and evaluation of the PREview exam.   

Below are recordings and PowerPoint slides from recent presentations: 

Recent and Upcoming Presentations 

The PREview team presented at each of the regional advisor meetings. Connect with the PREview team at the last regional advisor meeting. Following the NEAAHP conference, our presentation will be linked here for your reference.

  • Northeast Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NEAAHP): Friday, June 9, 11 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. ET (closing plenary) 

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PREview Informational Articles 

Learn more about the PREview exam by reading informational articles featured in the AAMC Premed Navigator newsletter and the Prehealth Advisor Email Series.  

The AAMC Premed Navigator is a newsletter that includes information, resources, tips, and more to help premeds along their path to medical school. Subscribe to receive the Premed Navigator in your inbox each month. 

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How to Stay Connected 

Volunteer to participate as a reviewer for the new AAMC PREview Preparation Guide or the AAMC PREview Guide for Prehealth Advisors. As the AAMC develops these guides in collaboration with the PREview program’s Health Professions Advisor Working Group, you will have an opportunity to help shape the direction and content of these guides. 

Get updates on the Health Professions Advisor Working Group’s progress, including future opportunities to join the group. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at askpreview@aamc.org. Thank you for your ongoing support of the PREview program. 

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2023 AAMC PREview® Essentials

The AAMC PREview® Essentials for Testing Year 2023: The official policy and procedure guide for the AAMC PREview exam.

AAMC PREview® Accommodations

The AAMC is committed to providing all individuals with an opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency on the AAMC PREview® exam. This includes ensuring access to persons with disabilities in accordance with relevant law.

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5 Things to Know About the AAMC PREview® Exam

There’s a lot of information to take in about the AAMC PREview® Professional Readiness Exam. To get you started, here are 5 important things you need to know.

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