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Get answers to your questions about scheduling, taking the exam, and sending your score.

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Yes, the AAMC will release scores to examinees. The score release dates are currently set for July 19, for Windows 1 and 2, August 18, for Window 3, September 7, for Window 4, and October 19, for Window 5. The AAMC will release score reports to schools on the same days.

AAMC will not send your score directly to your pre-health advisor. However, you may share your score report with him or her once it is available.

The AAMC will provide your score directly to the school(s) you selected on your exam day; however, we will send it separately from your AMCAS 2022 application. When we release scores, we will send you an email with instructions on how you can access your report.

No, the AAMC will not report your AAMC SJT score to any other medical schools for the AMCAS 2022 admissions cycle. The participating medical schools are the only schools who will receive official score reports.

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