6 Things to Know About the AAMC PREview® Exam

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The AAMC PREview® professional readiness exam is a situational judgement test designed to demonstrate some of the professional competencies that are important for medical school students. If you are planning to apply to medical school, many of the schools you are interested in attending may require or recommend taking the PREview exam. Before you take the exam, here are six important things you need to know.

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As an aspiring physician, you already know the critical science and anatomy skills that medical students must master. But did you know about the other skills and attributes that are just as important for tomorrow’s doctors? The AAMC PREview professional readiness exam is an important tool that will provide a standardized and objective way for medical schools to assess certain premed competencies that are critical to the practice of medicine. The PREview exam provides medical schools with a more complete view of each applicant by assessing skills such as resilience and adaptability, service orientation, ethical responsibility to self and others, empathy and compassion, cultural awareness, cultural humility, and teamwork and collaboration, among others. 

Below are six important details for premed students and their advisors to know about the AAMC PREview exam

1. The PREview exam was designed with ALL applicants in mind. The exam takes approximately 75 minutes to complete and offers the convenience of testing at a location of your choosing (such as your home or a local library, provided your workspace meets some basic requirements) while maintaining a high level of security with live, remote human proctoring. This also means that you will be able to contact someone in a timely manner and receive immediate support to minimize disruptions to exam completion.

Examinees who require accommodations can request them via the PREview Accommodations Application. Remember to submit accommodation requests early enough to receive a response prior to taking the exam. If you have any questions prior to applying for accommodations, scheduling your appointment, or starting your exam, please email askpreview@aamc.org. Read more information regarding review cycles and timelines.

2. Examinees can re-take the PREview exam if they choose. We know you may not want to think about re-testing. However, you do have the option to re-take the PREview exam if you choose to do so. Examinees are permitted to re-test twice per administration year, with a lifetime limit of four times (beginning with the 2024 administration). If you think you may want to re-take the exam, you should think about taking your initial exam earlier in a testing year. This will give you the opportunity to receive your scores, decide whether you want to re-test, and register for another testing window later in the year. 

3. The exam fee includes distribution of your score report to an unlimited number of schools. The fee is $100, and the fee structure will provide a significant value for most medical school applicants who typically apply to eight or more schools. 

Examinees approved to receive AAMC Fee Assistance Program benefits will pay $0 for the first PREview registration and will receive a 50% discount for subsequent registrations, including if you did not attend your scheduled exam (no-show). Additionally, the Fee Assistance benefits include a 50% discount for rescheduling fees.

4.  Desktop or Laptop ✅ Phone or Tablet ❌ The AAMC PREview exam can only be taken on a desktop or laptop. It cannot be completed on your cell phone or tablet. Please verify that your device meets the workspace and computer requirements prior to taking the exam. We also recommend downloading the Guardian software used to access your live, remote exam proctor prior to your scheduled exam date.

5. The AAMC provides free resources to help you prepare for the exam. After each exam, the AAMC conducts a survey asking examinees how they prepared for the exam. Over 80 percent of examinees used the free resources available from the PREview website and found them useful in preparing for their exams. The AAMC will continue to enhance or expand these resources each year.  

6. The number of schools including the PREview exam in their admissions processes continues to grow. Review the list of current AAMC PREview® Participating Medical Schools. You may be among the majority of applicants who will be applying to at least one school requiring or recommending the PREview exam. These medical schools are seeking students who meet specific academic requirements while also demonstrating a shared commitment to the institution’s mission and values. By completing the PREview exam, you will have an opportunity to further demonstrate your professional competencies, specifically those that medical schools have identified as important for success.  

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2024 AAMC PREview Essentials

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AAMC PREview® Accommodations

The AAMC is committed to providing all individuals with an opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency on the AAMC PREview® exam. This includes ensuring access to persons with disabilities in accordance with relevant law.

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6 Things to Know About the AAMC PREview® Exam

There’s a lot of information to take in about the AAMC PREview® Professional Readiness Exam. To get you started, here are 5 important things you need to know.

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