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Get answers to your questions about scheduling, taking the exam, and sending your score.

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Register for the AAMC PREview Exam

Participating medicals and eligibility to take the 2022 AAMC PREview exam will be available in early 2022. If you are interested in taking the AAMC PREview Exam but do not meet the eligibility requirement, you may request special permission. Please read the AAMC PREview Essentials for more information.

You may take the AAMC PREview exam before you submit your AMCAS application, however, on exam day, you will be required to select at least one of the participating schools to receive your scores. 

You may reschedule your exam appointment until the registration deadline associated with your current exam date. Please refer to the 2022 Calendar for registration deadlines. You must first cancel your existing appointment before you may schedule a new appointment.

Once you schedule your appointment, the system will send you a confirmation email that will include your test date and start time. Please note that your start time will be provided in universal (military) time. Please save this email so that you can find it later. Make sure to add noreply@getyardstick.com to your contacts so that you can receive your confirmation email.

If you have applied or are planning to apply to at least one of the participating medical schools but haven’t registered for the AAMC PREview exam, we recommend you register for one of the available testing windows. Schools use a rolling admissions process so it is possible that you will be invited to complete a secondary application later in the season. Registering for the AAMC PREview exam now will ensure you have the option to test so should you receive a secondary application later. You may cancel your PREview appointment up until 24 hours prior to your appointment time.

Please contact the medical school regarding their policy about considering past SJT scores. If you decide to retake the AAMC PREview in 2022, AAMC will report your current PREview score and previous SJT scores to the schools you designate on test day.

Information about rescheduling a missed appointment will be available before testing begins in 2022.

When you login to the PREview Portal to schedule your exam, you will select "Book" and then "Online Proctoring." A drop down will appear with a complete list of available time zones. Please select the time zone corresponding to the location where you will be taking your remote exam. To provide clarity, after you've booked your appointment will appear on the 'Exams' page in the portal, included a countdown clock until your time of testing. 

There is a flat registration fee of $100.00 for the AAMC PREview exam for the 2022 testing year. Registration is free to examinees approved for the Fee Assistance Program.

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