Premed Resources

The AAMC is dedicated to providing resources to aspiring physicians and advisors that will assist in guiding students on their journey to medical school. While working remotely, our outreach teams do not have access to any printed materials or mailing facilities. We have created this collection to enable any advisor or student to access our most requested Premed materials.

For digital delivery, some items may look different than their print versions but the content is the same. 

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Premed Navigator

The AAMC Premed Navigator features important topics, resources, tips, and key dates for aspiring physicians. Subscribe to receive updates each month right to your inbox.

Summer Health Professions Education Program - Students

SHPEP is a free summer enrichment program focused on improving access to information for college students interested in the health professions.

Summer Health Professions Education Program - Advisors

A great resource for advisors to learn about our SHPEP program for premeds in their freshman and sophomore year of undergrad.

AAMC Fee Assistance Program

The AAMC Fee Assistance Program assists those who wouldn't be able to apply to medical schoool without financial assistance.

FIRST: Money Managing Tips

With FIRST (Financial Information, Resources, Services, and Tools), you’ll find reliable guidance for money management along your path to medical school and beyond. 

Medical School Admission Requirements Online-Database

The Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR®) is an online-database that enables you to browse, search, sort, and compare information from medial school profiles.

Anatomy of an Applicant

Medical schools consider more than your grades and scores. There are 15 Core Competencies that demonstrate your preparedness for medical school. 

Anatomy of an Applicant: Self Assessment Guide

Anatomy of an Applicant resources and self-assessment guide for medical school applicants.

Preparing for the MCAT Exam

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a standardized, multiple-choice exam created to help medical school admissions offices assess your skills before medical school.

MCAT Official Prep Resources

What’s the best way to prepare for the MCAT exam? The AAMC has resources and practice products to help you no matter where you are in this process.

2019 AMCAS® Medical School Applications by the Numbers - Infographic

This publication depicts some aggregate information about those who applied to medical school in the 2019 AMCAS cycle, and the enrollees.

AMCAS Application: Quick Tips

The American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS®) is the AAMC's centralized medical school application processing service.

Popular Premed Resources

Here is a “cheat sheet” with links to some of our most popular resources.

Getting Into Medical School: AAMC Resources for Premed Students

We hope you find this booklet helpful in answering many of your questions about embarking on a career in medicine. We encourage you to visit our website for more information.

Timeline for Application and Admission to Medical School

Each person’s journey and experience are different. Take advantage of this guide and talk with your prehealth advisor to create a plan that works best for you. 

AAMC Premed Forum

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented challenges for the premed community. Our premed forum with David Skorton, MD, AAMC president and CEO, addresses questions about the admissions process and more. Please contact 202-828-0600 for further assistance.