Choosing a Medical Career

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Are you challenged with deciding whether a career in medicine is right for you? Check out the AAMC's premed resources to learn about nontraditional pathways, medically related experience, preparing for the application process, and get inspired by personal stories from medical students, residents, and physicians.

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Premed Journey: Discovering your Passions

Check out the AAMC Premed Navigator, Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP), Aspiring Docs, Inspiring Stories, and more to familiarize yourself with the medical field and premed journey.

Premed Navigator

The AAMC Premed Navigator is a newsletter that includes information, resources, tips, and more to help you on your path to medical school. Subscribe to receive updates delivered right to your inbox each month.

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Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP)

SHPEP is a free summer enrichment program focused on improving access to information and resources for college students interested in the health professions.

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Aspiring Docs

Aspiring Docs provides resources and inspiration to help you get started on your path to medicine.

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Inspiring Stories

There's a story behind every application. Read about journeys others have made from applicant to medical student to physician. 

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Additional Resources 

Tools and Resources for First-Generation Medical School Students

The resources in this online toolkit may be useful for students, medical school professionals, and families of students who seek to support, guide, and advocate for first-generation students as they navigate through medical training.

Tools and Resources for Advisors of First-Generation Medical School Students

First-generation college graduates, and others who come from backgrounds with limited exposure to medicine, may also have unique needs and face challenges that are not always readily recognized by their schools. Learn more about how advisors can provide support.

SHPEP Prehealth Advisor FAQ

Use the FAQ to better prepare your SHPEP applicants for a successful application process.

SHPEP Applicant Flyer

Learn about the SHPEP and what you need to be eligible to apply.

Looking for a Prehealth Advisor?

Find a prehealth advisor through The National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP). They are here to help premeds on their applying to medical school journey with valuable guidance, resources, and networking opportunities.

Deciding if Medicine is for You

Do you like challenges and learning? Are interested in science and how the body works? Do you care deeply about people, their problems and their pain?

Medical Career Paths

Explore all of your medical career options to see what could be a good fit.

Ways to Explore More

Find resources and information on preparing for medical school, making the most of your summers, working with mentors, and more.

Getting Into Medical School 101

Learn the basics about the requirements and a general timeline for getting into medical school.

What Medical School is Really Like

Medical students share their experiences and give advice to pre-medical students.

Premed Calendar

This calendar provides dates and important deadlines for all the AAMC Premed Services. Click on any item to get more information or add an event to your own calendar! View the instructional pages to subscribe to a specific calendar for immediate updates.

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Popular Premed Resources

Consider this page your primary destination for comprehensive, on-the-go resources that you can download and share with others, to support successful pathways to medical school.

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Premed Resources "Cheat Sheet"

This "cheat sheet" is a one-stop-shop of links to resources, guidance, tips, and more about AAMC services and programs (SHPEP, FAP, FIRST, MSAR guide, MCAT exam, PREview exam, AMCAS system) to help you conquer the medical school application process.

Premed Calendar

See upcoming events, webinars, and important deadlines.

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