Premed Worksheets for The Official Guide to Medical School Admissions

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You may download all of the worksheets together in one document, or, each worksheet is available separately, too. Simply click on the links below and you can save the worksheets to your computer. 

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NOTE: Fillable PFDs do not display in Firefox. Please view these documents using Internet Explorer or Chrome. You can also save them to your computer and open using a PDF reader.

Individual Worksheets

Worksheet 1.1: Important Resources and Ideas for Getting Medically Related Experiences

Worksheet 2.1:  MSAR® Pre-Med Coursework Progress Tracker

Worksheet 3.1:  Thinking About Medical Specialties

Worksheet 4.1:  Identifying Pre-Med and Application Programs

Worksheet 5.1:  Getting Ready to Take the MCAT® Exam Checklist

Worksheet 6.1:  Factors to Weigh Before Applying

Worksheet 7.1:  Identifying Your Letter Writers

Worksheet 8.1:  Possible Questions to Ask During Interviews

Worksheet 10.1:  Monthly Budget Worksheet

Worksheet 11.1:  BS/MD Programs to Consider Applying To

Worksheet 12.1: MD/PhD Programs to Consider Applying To

Worksheet 14.1:  Questions about Canadian Medical Schools to Ask During Interview

Worksheet 2.2:  Journal Template for Keeping track of Lab, Volunteer, and Work Experiences

Worksheet Compilation

Download all thirteen worksheets in one document.

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