MD-PhD Dual Degree Training

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Information on how to become a research physician, also known as a physician-investigator or a physician-scientist.

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MD-PhD programs provide training in both medicine and research. They are specifically designed for those who want to become research physicians, also known as physician-investigators or physician-scientists. Graduates of MD-PhD programs often go on to become faculty members at medical schools, universities and research institutes.

Regardless of where they eventually work, MD-PhD candidates are being prepared for careers in which they will spend most of their time doing research, in addition to caring for patients. The MD-PhD dual career is busy, challenging, rewarding, and offers opportunities to do good for many people by advancing knowledge, developing new treatments for diseases, and pushing back the boundaries of the unknown.

For Prospective Applicants

As you explore the MD-PhD career option, this site enables you to ask good questions and to make informed decisions. You should also contact individual MD-PhD programs for answers to specific questions.

For MD-PhD Trainees
This site includes a list of additional funding sources available to support MD-PhD trainees. As we expand the site, we will add additional resources.

About This Site
This site was developed by the communications committee of the MD-PhD Section of the Group on Graduate Research, Education, and Training (GREAT), which is comprised of faculty and administrators from MD-PhD programs around the country. The members of this committee have spoken with and advised thousands of students considering or pursuing this career path. The committee was developed to increase the visibility of MD-PhD training and to improve the resources available to do so.

Portions of this site were adapted from work developed by Lawrence (Skip) Brass, MD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, in consultation with other MD-PhD Program directors.

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Engage with Your Peers
Tools for MD-PhD Applicants

Helpful tools and information regarding medical MD-PhD programs.

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Webinar: Applying to MD-PhD Programs during COVID

Information about applying to MD-PhD programs, emphasizing the application process during COVID-19.

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MD-PhD: Is it Right for me?

Information about MD-PhD programs, emphasizing the career and application process.

MD/PhD: Is it for You?

Learn about MD-PhD Programs from program leaders.

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Prospective MD-PhD Applicants

Upcoming short presentations will describe features of MD-PhD training, alumni careers, and detailed logistics of the application process.

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Emily Hayward

Emily battled viral encephalitis for years during college, and now as a MD/PhD student, she reminds premeds that it's okay to ask for help.

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Cesar Eber Montelongo Hernandez

Cesar couldn't apply to medical school when he first graduated from college due to his undocumented status. Now he's in a MD-PhD program and hopes to practice in the Southwest where there's a high need for Spanish-speaking physicians.

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