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The MCAT exam is offered multiple times in 2020 from January and March through September at hundreds of test sites in the United States, Canada, and around the world.

MCAT Scheduling Fees

MCAT scheduling fees for the 2020 testing year.

Taking the MCAT Exam in Puerto Rico

Important information for examinees testing in Puerto Rico.
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MCAT Essentials

The MCAT Essentials for Testing Year 2020

Top 10 Tips for MCAT Examinees: Registration & Scheduling

As you prepare to register and schedule your MCAT exam, the AAMC has developed a list of the top 10 tips to get you ready for opening day.

Top 10 Tips for MCAT Examinees: What's Next? After Selecting Your Test Date and Location

What comes next? You have selected your MCAT test date and location registered, but what do you need to do next? To help answer these questions, the AAMC developed a list of the top 10 tips to help guide you to your test day.


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