AMCAS® Application Policies

The American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS®) application policies are established protocols for applicants and admission officers.

Application and Acceptance Protocols

It is important to be familiar with the Application and Acceptance Protocols for Applicants, as these rules outline what is considered inappropriate conduct during the application process, and define important application cycle dates. You may also review the Application and Acceptance Protocols for Admission Officers.


The AAMC investigates any falsification, omission, or discrepancy in application materials and irregular behavior exhibited during the administration of the MCAT. If a potential case is identified, you will be notified and asked to provide relevant information. For more information about what happens if the AAMC opens an investigation, review the Polices and Procedures for Investigations.

AAMC Data Collection, Use, and Dissemination Policies

The AAMC recognizes its responsibility to treat with care the information it collects about individuals involved in medical education, and to respect their privacy relative to sensitive data concerning them. Review the AAMC's Policies Regarding the Collection, Use, and Dissemination of Medical Student and Applicant Data.
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Important Dates

See upcoming events, webinars, and important AMCAS deadlines.

2018 AMCAS® Application Fees

AMCAS® Processing Fee: $160 (includes one medical school designation) Additional medical school designations: $39 each    

2018 AMCAS® Applicant Guide

Outline of the current AMCAS application process, policies, and procedures. This guide replaced the previous 2018 AMCAS Instruction Manual.

AMCAS® Resources for Pre-Health Advisors and Letter Writers

Find tools for you and your advisees to use throughout the American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS®) application process.

Resources for Admissions Officers

Medical school admission staff can find the AAMC’s resources that support their efforts to identify, select, and train future physicians on the Admissions Hub.