Applying to Graduate School Booklet

Each program should have a list of required courses. Your coursework should be a mixture of science and non-science courses which will give you breadth in your knowledge base.

Summer Undergraduate Research Programs

Listing of summer programs for undergraduates interested in pursuing careers in medical research. Please contact programs directly regarding 2021 summer research opportunities.

PhD Programs by School

List of graduate programs in the biomedical sciences

Postdoctoral Programs by School

List of postdoctoral programs in the biomedical sciences

Application Form

Information about the application process for a PhD program.

Personal Statement for PhD Applicants

Your personal statement is your chance to shine, to stand out from among the hundreds of other PhD applicants.

Letters of Recommendation for PhD Applicants

Tips for submitting the best letters of recommendation


It is important that you do well in your classes. Graduate schools want to be sure that you can successfully complete the coursework in the program to which you are applying.

Interviewing for PhD Programs

Based on the quality of your application materials, you will be called for an interview if the school is interested in meeting you.

Financing Your Graduate Education

Graduate schools in the biomedical sciences will generally provide a comprehensive funding package to their students.

Preparing to Apply to PhD Programs

Preparing to Apply to PhD Programs