Letters of Recommendation for PhD Applicants

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Tips for submitting the best letters of recommendation

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Submit the number of recommendations that is requested.

Select academic/professional references, not personal/social ones, including:

  • research advisors
  • summer program mentor
  • undergraduate academic advisors

Ask the recommenders to meet with you beforehand, if possible.

Give your recommenders a copy of your personal statement and CV so that they know what your plans are.

Emphasize to recommenders how important a strong letter of recommendation is to your application

Give them as much time as possible so they can write a substantive letter.

Follow-up with the schools and the recommenders before the deadline, to make sure that the letters were submitted and received.

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2023 AMCAS Application

The 2023 AMCAS application is now open. If you wish to start medical school in Fall 2023, please complete and submit the 2023 AMCAS application. 

As of September 29 AMCAS is:

Marking transcripts as "Received" that were delivered on or before:

Paper (mailed) – September 29

Parchment – September 28

National Student Clearinghouse – September 29

Processing applications that reached "Ready for Review" on September 29

Processing Academic Change Requests submitted on September 28.

2023 AMCAS® Applicant Guide

Outline of the current AMCAS application process, policies, and procedures.

Fee Assistance Program

If approved for the Fee Assistance Program, you will receive a waiver for all AMCAS fees for one (1) application submission with up to 20 medical school designations ($987 value). Benefits are not retroactive.

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