Interviewing for PhD Programs

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Based on the quality of your application materials, you will be called for an interview if the school is interested in meeting you.

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You can contact the school and ask questions about the interview process, although the following is usually provided before the interviews.

  • Who are the interviewers
    • faculty
    • students
    • administrators of the school
  • How many are there
  • What is the school looking for in its students

Prepare for the interview.

  • Practice with faculty, other students, etc.
  • Re-read your personal statement
  • Review your research experiences so that you can discuss the research
  • Dress appropriately and comfortably

Ask questions both to inform yourself and to demonstrate an interest in the school (otherwise why go?)

  • Coursework - required and elective?
  • Rotations - why, how many?
  • Other hurdles - prelims, qualifying exams?
  • Financial aid package, how much, how long, what are the sources?
  • Teaching opportunities versus TAing to finance grad school?
  • Research opportunities?
  • Average time to degree?
  • Outcome of graduates?

Pay attention to the environment while you are there.

  • Are students and faculty readily available to meet with you when you visit?
  • Do students seem happy to be in the program/school?
  • Is the atmosphere and culture what you want/need?

Be aware that you are being evaluated the entire time you are on the campus, not just during the one-on one faculty interviews.

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2024 AMCAS® Application

The 2024 AMCAS application is now open. If you wish to start medical school in Fall 2024, please complete and submit the 2024 AMCAS application. 

As of November 28 AMCAS is:

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2024 AMCAS® Applicant Guide

Outline of the current AMCAS application process, policies, and procedures.

2024 AMCAS® Application Workbook

This resource is designed to help you prepare your materials for the 2024 AMCAS® application but does not replace the online application.

2024 AMCAS® Application Fees

The application processing fee is $175 and includes one medical school designation. Additional school designations are $45 each. Tax, where applicable, will be calculated at checkout. 

Fee Assistance Program

If approved for the Fee Assistance Program, you will receive a waiver for all AMCAS fees for one (1) application submission with up to 20 medical school designations ($987 value). Benefits are not retroactive.

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