Running Reports with the Advisor Information System (AIS)

Learn how authorized pre-health advisors can run reports with the Advisor Information Service (AIS).

How to Download Reports from AIS
When you generate reports in AIS, you can view them on-screen or download them as Excel files.

Quick Lookup
The Quick Lookup report within the AAMC Advisor Information System (AIS) allows you to search for an advisee who is an MCAT examinee, AMCAS applicant, or both.

Roster of AMCAS Applicants
The Roster of Appliants report generates a list of AMCAS applicants who authorized release of information to your institution for a specified application year.

MCAT Examinee Roster and Summary
The MCAT Roster and Summary report allows you to create a list of MCAT examinees who released their scores to your institution and run an aggregate report with comparative statistics. ...

Designated Medical School Aggregate Report
The Designated Medical School Aggregate report within the AAMC Advisor Information System (AIS) lists the medical schools that advisees have applied to and more.

Application Year Statistics
The Application Year Statistics report within the AAMC Advisor Information System (AIS) allows you to compare your institution’s application statistics to national application statistics...

Trends: AIS Aggregate Data
The Trends report within the AAMC Advisor Information System (AIS) generates graphs of aggregate data for closed application years. Select which reports you would like generated.

Official Health Professions Advisor System Access Form

Official form for health professions advisors to request access to AMCAS application information and MCAT scores.

Advisor Information System Definitions and Descriptions

This list outlines definitions for abbreviations that appear in the Advisor Information System (AIS).

AIS Admission Action Codes

Definitions of AMCAS Medical School Actions for use with the Advisor Information System

Medical Schools by School Code

The regular M.D. programs at AMCAS participating medical schools listed by code.