Advisor Information System: MCAT® Roster and Summary

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This AIS report allows authorized pre-health advisors to create a list of MCAT® examinees who released their scores to your institution and run an aggregate report with comparative statistics.

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Examinees may release their scores to their prehealth advisors when they register for the MCAT exam or when they submit AMCAS® applications.

Select a date range by choosing the start month/year and end month/year from the drop-down selection menus. Then choose what tables you would like to see in the output. Selecting "Roster" will display a table for each examinee, including bio information and score date. Selecting "Summary" will display a table of averages for your students as well as a comparison to national averages. You may then elect to display the roster/summary results directly to the screen or download them in a file.


If "Roster" was selected, each examinee will have MCAT data displayed. If an examinee also has an AMCAS application, a link will be provided to view the associated data (on-screen view only; link not provided in download file). If "Summary" was selected, tables will display aggregate information with comparisons to national averages.

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