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AAMC SJT Review Cycles and Important Dates

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Apply for accommodations early to allow enough time to prepare and implement any accommodations for which you may be approved. Review timelines vary depending on whether you are submitting a new request or extension and your current status with MCAT accommodations.

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Since most applicants for AAMC SJT accommodations have applied for or will be applying for accommodations on the MCAT exam, the review timeline for AAMC SJT accommodations is dependent on your current status with the MCAT exam. For incomplete applications that are subsequently re-submitted, the review cycle will restart as noted below. Please be mindful of the application requirements associated with your request so that you do not prolong the review process, as this may prevent you from testing on your preferred test date with accommodations. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received and cannot be expedited. 

For the 2021 Testing Year, you must be approved for accommodations no later than two weeks prior to your testing window, to allow time to prepare and implement any approved accommodations. Since all the 2021 test dates are over several months, the chart below details the specific approval deadline applies for each window. If your accommodations are not approved by the deadline, you may still test under standard conditions. 

To receive a determination in time for your preferred exam date, please submit your application with enough time for the Review Cycle below to be completed by the date above associated with your testing window. 

You may register for and schedule the AAMC SJT exam before or after you have been approved to take the exam with accommodations.

Application Type Review Cycle
Current MCAT Approval - Requesting the same accommodations 15 Days
Current MCAT Approval - Requesting new accommodations 60 Days
Pending MCAT Application 60 Days
Initial Application (no current approval or pending MCAT application) 60 Days
Reconsideration 30 Days
Appeal 30 Days

Please Note: We strongly recommend you apply well before the last submission dates, to allow for time to submit additional required documentation as requested by the AAMC. Applications that are incomplete as of the last submission date may not be reviewed in time for your scheduled test date. 

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The AAMC is committed to providing all individuals with an opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency on the AAMC SJT exam. This includes ensuring access to persons with disabilities in accordance with relevant law. 

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