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AAMC PREview Score

Yes, the AAMC will release scores to examinees. The score release dates will be announced as soon as they are available. The AAMC will release score reports to schools on the same days.

AAMC will not send your score directly to your pre-health advisor. However, you may share your score report with them once it is available.

AAMC PREview scores will be released to examinees and participating schools in July-October depending on the exam date. Scores will be automatically pulled in to the AMCAS application – you do not need to take any additional action to include your PREview score in your AMCAS application. 

To report your score to non-AMCAS medical schools, you will select that participating medical school on exam day. We recommend you select all of the participating schools to which you have applied or intend to apply.

For the AMCAS 2022 application, if you decide to apply to a school that you did not select on exam day, you still have the opportunity to send your AAMC SJT score report. Complete the Request to Release AAMC SJT Score form and email it to askpreview@aamc.org. You may select additional schools after exam day as many times as you wish; however, we recommend selecting all schools to which you have applied or intend to apply as early as possible in the 2022 application season. Requests to select additional schools must be received no later than Aug. 31, 2022.

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