Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior Section: Foundational Concept 7

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Biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors influence behavior and behavior change.

Human behavior is complex and often surprising, differing across individuals in the same situation and within an individual across different situations. A full understanding of human behavior requires knowledge of the interplay between psychological, sociocultural, and biological factors that are related to behavior. This interplay has important implications for the way we behave and the likelihood of behavior change.

Foundational Concept 7 focuses on individual and social determinants of behavior and behavior change.

With these building blocks, medical students will be able to learn how behavior can either support health or increase risk for disease.

Content Category 7A: Individual influences on behavior

Category 7A focuses on the individual psychological and biological factors that affect behavior.

Content Category 7B: Social processes that influence human behavior

Category 7B focuses on how social factors, such as groups and social norms, affect behavior.

Content Category 7C: Attitude and behavior change

Category 7C focuses on how learning affects behavior, as well as the role of attitude theories in behavior and behavior change.

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