Seeking a Global Opportunity

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Learn more about things to consider if you intend to seek a global opportunity.

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International opportunities allow medical students to work with different patient populations, develop cross-cultural understanding, and learn about health systems and approaches to medical care in other nations. The Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) program saves you time searching for, and applying to, electives, and gives you a better chance of being accepted.  

Why pursue an elective abroad?

Students may pursue a global opportunity to: 

  • Work with different patient populations 

  • Learn about global health systems 

  • Increase intercultural understanding 

Medical or public health students enrolled at VSLO participating Home institutions in the Global Network are able to search and apply for opportunities in the VSLO program. 

What are the Requirements?

Institutions vary in their requirements for visiting students. A complete list of an institution’s requirements can be reviewed in the elective details in the application service. 

Once a student completes requirements and submits an application, the application is received by the student’s Home institution for verification. Any requirements that are the responsibility of the Home institution are fulfilled at that time. Then, the Home institution releases the application, along with all requirements, to the Host institution. 

Sample requirements that are the responsibility of the student include, but are not limited to: 

  • CV 

  • Immunization Form 

Sample requirements to be completed by the student’s Home institution include, but are not limited to: 

  • Transcripts 

  • Letters of Recommendation 

Other types of requirements that may be required after a student submits their application include, but are not limited to: 

  • Visa documents 

  • Copy of a passport 

  • Host institutions may also request that a requirement be resubmitted 

Use the VSLO Student Essentials guide to help you access the application service, complete your profile, search for and save electives, and begin the application process. 

Resources for Global Rotations

Pre-Departure Factors to Consider 

  • Visa requirements 

Before you leave, check the conditions in your destination country and know their visa requirements. 

  • Language assessments 

Some institutions may require that you complete a language exam to accurately determine your knowledge and proficiency. Be sure to check with each Host institution to determine their specific language assessment requirements. 

To prevent health and safety-related issues, it's important that you stay informed and take the proper precautions before you leave your home country and while you are abroad. 

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