VSLO® Frequently Asked Questions

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The VSLO® program is open year-round, so Host institutions are able to open and close their elective catalogs at any point. However, many U.S. Host institutions typically open their catalogs in March.   

The VSLO program charges a fee of $15 for each elective to which a student applies. There are no additional fees if a student applies for alternative dates for that same elective.

The Careers in Medicine® portal is an excellent starting point to gain insight into the various specialties. Similarly, the VSLO Specialty Away Rotation Guidance webpage provides direct links to information by specialty that can help inform and support your away rotation decisions. In addition, you should connect with advisors at your Home institution who know your skills and strengths as a student. These approaches will help you build a comprehensive application strategy.

For each Host institution you are interested in applying to, be sure to review the Important Dates section on the Host institution’s Institution Summary page.

Yes, you can save an elective by clicking on the Save button. If you save an elective, you will receive an email notification when the elective is opened by the Host institution.

Yes, in certain states, these applicable taxes affect VSLO services. Please visit the AAMC Sales Tax FAQs to learn more.

You can provide feedback directly via our VSLO Feedback Form, or by contacting our Client Technical Support team at 202-478-9878. The Post Rotation Student Survey, sent directly to students as they return from an away rotation, provides another avenue for feedback.

No. Students applying to opportunities in the VSLO application service must agree to the VSLO Applicant Agreement, which states that “[an applicant] will not have graduated from [their] program at [their] Home institution until after the elective end date.”

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