Resources for U.S. Rotations

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Electives are an important part of your medical education in order to gain a better understanding of a certain specialty, hospital, or residency program.

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Pursuing clinical rotations at another site enables you to evaluate the residency program, the clinical setting, and to assess your residency training choices. 

Preparing Your Application

Institution requirements vary for visiting students. A complete list of an institution’s requirements can be reviewed in the elective details in the application service. 

Sample requirements that are the responsibility of the student may include, among other requirements: 

  • CV. 
  • Immunization Form. 

Sample requirements to be completed by the student’s Home institution may include: 

  • Transcripts. 

  • Letters of Recommendation. 

Other types of requirements that may be required after a student submits their application can include: 

  • Visa documents. 

  • Copy of a passport. 

Use the VSLO Student Essentials guide to help you access the application service, complete your profile, search for and save electives, and begin the application process. 

Drug Screening* 

All of these organizations conduct drug screening. Students can choose any organization from this list to fulfill a drug screening requirement.

Malpractice/Liability Insurance* 

The Academic Group offers malpractice/liability insurance to medical students. Students can use this organization to fulfill a requirement for malpractice/liability insurance.

Criminal Background Checks* 

All of these organizations conduct criminal background checks. Students can choose any organization from this list to fulfill a criminal background check requirement.

*The AAMC Committee on Student Records (COSR) compiled information relating to requirements as a resource for medical students. COSR does not endorse or receive benefit from the vendors for these recommendations. 

Planning Your Stay 

Please note: The following resources are provided for informational purposes only. No endorsement by AAMC or any other organization is stated or implied. 

Housing and Accommodation

  • Rotating Room is a student-run website that helps medical students find and post sublets while doing away rotations at hospitals around the country. It provides Google-mapped results, public transportation directions, panoramic street views, and more. 

  • Housing Anywhere 
    Housing Anywhere is a housing platform where people can rent out rooms to international students. It originally started as a platform where outgoing exchange students could rent out their rooms when they went abroad. Incoming exchange students can rent these rooms. 

After Completing Your Rotation 

As you complete each of your rotations, use this Clinical Rotation evaluation form to assist you in gathering your thoughts and reflections on each specialty as a possible career choice for you. 

Fill out the VSLO Post-Rotation Survey: You will receive a survey after completing your rotation. Your feedback is extremely valuable as the VSLO team gathers away rotation data to improve the quality of rotations and guide future students.


For more detailed information, check out frequently asked questions about the VSLO program.

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