Steps in the FindAResident Process

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Walk through the process of using FindAResident.

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1. Register for FindAResident

The FAR subscription fee is $75 for applicants; active ERAS® users pay $30. Your subscription will continue from the date of purchase until the end of the FAR season (the last business day in August). Read the FAQ for more fee information.

2. Create Your FAR Resume

Use FindAResident to create a comprehensive resume of your education, academic achievements, and more.

After completing your FAR resume, you have the option of uploading a photo and a personalized CV. Although your FAR resume will contain similar information, uploading a personalized CV allows you to highlight and elaborate specific qualifications.

3. Attach Documents (photo or personalized CV)

While your FAR resume will contain similar information to your curriculum vitae, uploading a personalized version allows you to highlight and expand on specific areas.

4. Review and Activate Resume

Review your resume for completeness and accuracy, then activate it within FAR. This will enable any program registered in FAR to view your active resume.

5. Search for and Notify Programs

Begin searching the list of residency and/or fellowship positions. You can search by specialty, post-graduate level, and geographic location.

If you're interested in a listed position, use the notification function to send your resume directly to the program's private FAR mailbox.

If you don't see a position that interests you, check back frequently, as programs post vacancies as they become available.

6. Check Back Often for New Notifications

Your FAR mailbox is a convenient way to check for notifications and to track program information sent to you.

7. Update Your FAR Information

Be sure to update your FAR resume if any of your information changes. This is especially important if your e-mail or contact information changes.

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Contact FAR

Monday - Friday

8 a.m. - 6 p.m. ET


“Thank you so much, I finally found a residency and I deeply appreciate your service for everything you’ve done.”

A.G. Gazarov, MD, FindAResident residency applicant