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Learn more about FindAResident (FAR) through answers to some frequently asked questions.

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What types of positions are currently available in FindAResident?

Check our open positions report prior to registration to see a dynamic listing of all the positions currently available by specialty, PGY level and geographic region. If you do not see a position that interests you, check back frequently, as programs post vacancies as they become available.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, there is a $75 subscription fee for applicants; active ERAS users pay a discounted $30 fee. You are not considered an active ERAS user until you have completed and transmitted your ERAS Application to at least one program during the regular ERAS season that corresponds with the start of the FAR season.

How long will my FAR subscription be good?

The FAR season runs from September 1 - August 30 each year. Subscriptions are valid only from date of purchase until August 30, regardless of purchase date.

I am a previous user of FAR. Do I need to register again?

If you have previously registered with us, you do not need to re-register, as you are already in our system. Simply go to our login page and enter your user name and password.

What do I do if I don't remember my user name and password?

Contact FAR at FindaResident@aamc.org with your security answer. If you don't remember the answer to your security question, please send us the answer you think you entered. We can compare it against what we have in our records. Also, please send us your AAMC ID, user name, birth date, home address, and phone number. We will use this information to match it against your account information for security purposes. Once we verify your identification, we can reset your password.

How do I upload my documents such as LORs and transcripts into FAR?

FAR users who are active ERAS users (transmitted their MyERAS Application to at least one program) have the option of importing data from their ERAS profile into their FAR account. However, the ERAS import does not apply to documents such as photo, curriculum vitae, transcripts or letters of recommendation. You may upload your curriculum vitae and photo separately into your FAR account, but our service does not maintain any other types of documentation found in ERAS. If programs ask you to forward any additional documentation that is not currently supported by FAR, you would need to send them outside FAR through an alternate channel.

Differences Between FAR and ERAS

Although FAR works with ERAS and NRMP, there are some important differences:

  • Provide services for applicants to apply and match to residency and fellowship positions during the Main Match and SOAP
  • Offers year-round access to unfilled positions that fall outside the scope of ERAS and NRMP
  • Offer PGY1 and PGY2 residency positions, as well as some fellowship positions that commence in the upcoming July (or the following July for PGY2 and fellowship positions)
  • Offers PGY1 through PGY6 residency and fellowship positions in all subspecialties, as well as off-cycle positions

What is the difference between FAR and FREIDA Online, The AMA Residency & Fellowship Database ?

FREIDA Online, The AMA Residency & Fellowship Database provides information on graduate medical education programs accredited by the ACGME and some combined specialty programs. The (AMA) also has a site where residency and fellowship program directors may post open positions.

FAR offers a frequently updated list of unfilled positions, as well as a resume tool and notification system. The FAR resume and private mailbox allow you to send your resume to programs seeking to fill vacant residency and fellowship positions directly from information found in our search engine.

Can I use FAR and participate in the NRMP Main Residency Match® or Specialty Matching Service®?

Residency and fellowship programs are encouraged to use NRMP matching services to support their application process. If you are unsuccessful with the NRMP Match, FAR can be a good resource to identify potential candidates.

FAR works closely with the NRMP to ensure the integrity of the Match(SM) and to encourage ethical behavior among all users. Applicants who are matched to positions through the NRMP may not use FAR to break their match agreements; the same holds true for NRMP participating programs.

Programs may not advertise positions in FAR during the ERAS season that should first be posted in ERAS and the NRMP until after the release of Match results.

Therefore, during SOAP and Post-Match period between mid-March and July 1, applicants who have matched successfully with the NRMP may not use FAR to contact programs with open positions in the year that the applicant is matched.

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