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AAMC SJT Accommodation Steps

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Your steps to apply for AAMC SJT accommodations depends on your current status with MCAT accommodations. If you already have a valid MCAT approval, we have streamlined the application process for you.

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Before determining your status below, please note the following which apply to all applicants for AAMC SJT accommodations: 

  • All application materials must be in English. 
  • Keep a copy of all documentation you are submitting with your request. The AAMC will not return your documentation or forward it to any third party. 
  • All documentation must be provided in one application. We will not accept any additional documentation once an application has been submitted.  
  • Due to privacy reasons, evaluations from your provider will not be accepted over email or fax. 
  • Determinations cannot be changed over the phone or by email. Requests must be formally submitted through one of the available application processes outlined below. 
  • We cannot discuss your application with any third party (including parents) without an Authorization for Release of Information form from you. 
  • If necessary, your application may be forwarded for further review to an external reviewer with expertise in the area of your impairment at the discretion of the Director of Accommodations Review. Your documentation will be kept strictly confidential.

Current MCAT Accommodations Status:

A) I have an unexpired approval (valid through the 2021 testing year) for MCAT accommodations AND I am not requesting accommodations that differ from my MCAT accommodations approval.

B) I have an unexpired approval (valid through the 2021 testing year) for MCAT accommodations and I am requesting additional or different accommodations than those I received for the MCAT exam.

C) I have a current application (Initial or Extension) pending for MCAT accommodations.

D) I do not have a previous approval or pending application (Initial or Extension) for MCAT accommodations.

Important Notes:

  • Processing time begins when the AAMC receives your complete application, including required supporting documentation (if applicable).
  • Statuses B & D require submission of supporting documentation with your application. For documentation guidance please visit the MCAT Accommodations web pages.
  • Any submitted SJT accommodations documentation does not replace documentation required for a future MCAT Accommodations Application.
  • The application process below remains consistent for all statuses above: A, B, C & D

To apply for SJT Accommodations:

  1. Review the standard testing conditions for the AAMC SJT Exam
  2. Based on your current MCAT status, determine if you need to submit documentation with your application. Documentation requirements can be found with MCAT Accommodations instructions.
  3. If you believe you have a disability, impairment, or medical condition that requires an adjustment to the standard conditions for either the AAMC Situational Judgment Test, complete and submit the below application to

SJT Accommodations Application

When we have completed the review of your application, we will send the decision letter to the email address you provided in your Application for AAMC SJT Accommodations form. 

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Application Steps

To apply for AAMC SJT accommodations, you will need to submit a brief application.

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