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Why Pursue an MD-PhD?

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Just some of the reasons why people choose a career as a physician-scientist.

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  • The career of a physician-scientist is unique. There are few comparable careers that allow one to experience the passion of solving a patient's medical struggles while pursuing research that may define the mechanism of that patient’s disease and may ultimately translate into a clinical cure for the disease.
  • MD-PhD trainees are research scientists who solve mechanisms underlying disease, combined with their passion to treat patients in a clinical setting.
  • MD-PhD training efficiently integrates the scientific and medical education of the physician-scientist.
  • During the PhD training years MD-PhD students take the coursework and formal training in research methodology that are important for the development of the research scientist.
  • Most MD-PhD programs provide trainees a stipend and tuition scholarships. This financial support recognizes the time that a student must spend in training for the MD-PhD career. The extent of financial support varies among programs and may only support U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Areas of Research Interest for MD-PhD Training

  • Most MD-PhD candidates earn their PhD in biomedical laboratory disciplines such as cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, pharmacology, physiology, neuroscience, and biomedical engineering.
  • Some MD-PhD Programs also allow trainees to do their graduate work in fields outside of laboratory disciplines, including computational biology, economics, epidemiology, health care policy, anthropology, sociology, or the history of medicine.
  • The spectrum of graduate degree programs offered is an important element to consider when applying to specific MD-PhD Programs.

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Engage with Your Peers
Tools for MD-PhD Applicants

Helpful tools and information regarding medical MD-PhD programs.

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Webinar: Applying to MD-PhD Programs during COVID

Information about applying to MD-PhD programs, emphasizing the application process during COVID-19.

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MD-PhD: Is it Right for me?

Information about MD-PhD programs, emphasizing the career and application process.

MD/PhD: Is it for You?

Learn about MD-PhD Programs from program leaders.

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Prospective MD-PhD Applicants

Upcoming short presentations will describe features of MD-PhD training, alumni careers, and detailed logistics of the application process.

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MD/PHD student
Emily Hayward

Emily battled viral encephalitis for years during college, and now as a MD/PhD student, she reminds premeds that it's okay to ask for help.

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MD/PHD student
Cesar Eber Montelongo Hernandez

Cesar couldn't apply to medical school when he first graduated from college due to his undocumented status. Now he's in a MD-PhD program and hopes to practice in the Southwest where there's a high need for Spanish-speaking physicians.

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