Fee Assistance Program Applicant Financial Information

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Outline of the required applicant financial information for the AAMC Fee Assistance Program application.

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Applicant Financial Information

Enter income and other dollar amounts in whole dollars. Round to the nearest dollar if necessary.

Family Information

If you were married on or before December 31 of last year, select Yes. For tax purposes, the IRS considers you married for the full year even if you were married on December 31 of that year. If you are not married, or were no longer married, as of December 31 of last year, select No.

Family Size

Instructions are provided on screen to help you determine your family size, which is based on your marital status. For example, if you indicated that you are not married, the instructions would say "To calculate your family size, add '1' for yourself, and '1' for each dependent you listed on your IRS 1040 Federal tax return for last year".

The IRS 1040 Federal Tax Form is the standard form used by individuals in the U.S. to file their taxes. There are various versions of this form (i.e. 1040EZ, 1040A, etc.). Throughout the Fee Assistance Program application, all versions of the form will be referred to as the 1040 Federal Tax Form.

Taxable Income

If you have filed your taxes already, click Yes and then enter your Adjusted Gross Income as it appears on your tax return.

Please note, if you are married or separated and did not, or will not, file a joint tax return, you are required to enter the sum of your and your partner’s individual incomes in the fields where income is required.

If you are not required to file a tax return select Will Not be Filing. Not all individuals are required to file a tax return. The AAMC cannot help you determine whether or not you must file a tax return. Search www.irs.gov for “Do I Need to File a Tax Return” for guidance.

If you intend to file a tax return but have not yet done so, select Not Yet. Prior to the April federal tax filing deadline (which is typically April 15), the AAMC will accept W-2 and 1099 income data and forms in place of an IRS 1040 Federal Tax Form. After the federal tax filing deadline has passed you will be unable to select Not Yet. Those who are required to file a tax return will also be required to submit an IRS 1040 Federal Tax Form to the Fee Assistance Program before their application can be processed.

Entering Income from W-2 and 1099 Forms

If you have selected Not Yet or Will Not be Filing for your tax filing status, input the total income you received from work as shown on your W-2 or 1099 Forms.

Employers typically provide either a W-2 or 1099 Form to full or part time employees and/or contractors around February 1 of each year. These forms summarize all the wages, tips, etc. you earned. Contact your employer if you are unsure if you have, or will receive, such a form.

Submitting false information or omitting required or material information could result in an investigation, which may impact eligibility for Fee Assistance. Please be sure to document all earned income.

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Engage with Your Peers
Contact the Fee Assistance Program

AAMC Attn: Fee Assistance Program 655 K Street N.W., Suite 100 Washington, DC 20001

Fax: 202-828-1120

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Canadian Fee Assistance Program Questions? Visit AFMC’s website at https://www.afmc.ca/resources-data/education/aspirants-applicants/

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Application Processing

As of May 24 the Fee Assistance Program is:

Processing applications that were “Submitted and Pending Verification” on May 23.

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