Transitioning to Medical School: Financial Tips

The FIRST (Financial Information, Resources, Services, and Tools) program can help you make a smooth, successful, and informed transition to medical school. This is probably one of the biggest financial and personal investments of your life. Utilize the resources available to make wise and...

Want To Get Better At Managing Your Money? SALT Can Help!

Enhance your financial literacy skills and knowledge by learning more about practical financial topics like budgeting, money management, credit, debt management, scholarships/grants, loan repayment/forgiveness, and more!
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Budgeting Worksheet for Students

Utilize this budgeting worksheet to help with money management throughout medical school.

Eight Tips on Money Management for Entering Medical Students

Understanding how to manage your money is critical for financial success. Follow these eight basic tips to start your medical career off right.

Money Management for Matriculating Medical School Students

This video explains a common sense approach to borrowing wisely during medical school, allowing you to reduce the amount of time and money required during repayment. Also detailed is information on current student loan repayment plans and strategies and tips for managing financial...

The Cost of Residency Interviews

The biggest cost of the residency process will likely be the cost of interviewing. While these may be a minor part of the total cost of a medical education, it is still important to develop a strategy for managing these costs – before they are incurred.
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Budgeting Basics: Managing Your Money During the Lean Years

Money will probably be tight during medical school and residency. That’s why a realistic spending plan (budget) – one you can stick to – will be critical to your financial well-being during this time.
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Roommates and Money

Many people need a roommate to make ends meet. After all, what could be better than having someone pay half of your bills?
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Unforeseen Emergencies and Financial Needs - What to Do

Occasionally unforeseen emergencies occur that can affect your finances, and your eligibility for financial aid. Financial aid administrators have the authority to make adjustments to your financial aid eligibility, under certain circumstances.

2017 Education Debt Manager (EDM) for Matriculating Medical School Students

Use the Education Debt Manager (EDM) to learn about common-sense strategies for receiving financial aid, managing money, understanding loan debt, and exploring future loan repayment options as a new medical school student.

The Cost of Applying for Medical Residency

Though the costs associated with applying for a residency position will be a minor portion of the total cost of your medical education, they can still add up. Because application fees are not always covered by student loans, it is important to develop a plan early on for how you will manage...

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If you need to figure out how to balance your budget and stay on top of your student loans, the AAMC's FIRST program has unbiased, reliable information to help you.