History and Imports for Repeat ERAS Applicants FAQ

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LoR and Application Data View

While programs are not notified in ERAS that you have reapplied, LoRs from prior seasons are labeled with a watermark indicating the original date of upload. If you choose to use those letters, programs will be aware you have applied in the past.

Grayed out letter entries indicate that the letter was previously imported. You can find those letters in your Letter of Recommendation section under the Documents tab.

There is not an option to preview application material to be imported; however, applicants can download a prior season’s application from the History tab to review before importing. Prior to certifying and submitting your application, you can edit your MyERAS application. ERAS encourages applicants to review their application thoroughly to ensure it is complete and correct before certifying and submitting it.

The ERAS system generates a message to notify authors, or those who upload documents on their behalf, when letters of recommendation are imported.

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