History and Imports for Repeat ERAS® Applicants FAQ

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Eligibility and Content

The ability to import historical application data and LoRs from prior seasons is available for applicants who previously certified and submitted an application in the MyERAS® portal up to seven years prior to the start of the current season.

Applicants are able to import their most recent certified and submitted residency or fellowship application information and associated Letters of Recommendations (LoRs) from up to seven years prior to the start of the current season.

The History tab will display your most recently certified and submitted MyERAS residency or fellowship application, which includes: Personal Information, Biographic Information, Education, Experience, Licensure, Publications. Your LoRs, Program Report (the list of Applied Programs), Payment History, and Personal Statement (available but not automatically imported) can also be accessed through the History tab. If you want to use the same Personal Statement, you will need to re-enter it.

  • Documents that are not imported from previous seasons— like the Medical School Transcript (MS Transcript), Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), or USMLE/COMLEX-USA board scores—will need to be uploaded and sent to programs.  
  • International Medical Graduates will continue to refer to the ECFMG page on reusing documents for documents that are not imported via the ERAS program, including the ECFMG Status Report, MSPE, MS Transcript, Photographs, and USMLE/COMLEX-USA board scores will still need to be sent to programs from the MyERAS portal.  

You can still import application material from a prior season via the History tab, which will give you the option to import MyERAS application data and LoRs.

Most (not all) fields are imported as part of the application data import. ERAS administrators highly encourage applicants to review their MyERAS application after they have imported it to ensure it is complete and correct.  Fields that are subject to change like Work Authorization Information do not import automatically from the prior season.

The MyERAS application and LoR(s) imports cannot be reversed. Nonetheless, the MyERAS application can be edited and corrected before certifying and submitting.  
Also, while the LoR(s) will be available in your MyERAS portal, a new letter slot can be created and you can simply refrain from assigning those uploaded in error to a program.

To import MyERAS application and LoR material from a previous season, the application must have been certified and submitted during its first active season. For example, an application that was certified and submitted in the ERAS 2023 application season will have material available for import for the ERAS 2024 application season. 

If you did not certify and submit your application prior to the end of the previous season on May 31, you will not have the option to import that season’s application material or LoRs. If there is more than one previously certified and submitted application, the only application available for import will be the latest one certified and submitted. 

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